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Why use Honeycomb?

Why businesses and developers build with Honeycomb

  • Reduce friction for users by providing them access to defi tools from your website
  • Save engineering time
    • By compartmentalizing defi primitives into simple customizable widgets, devs can focus more time on their core-functions
  • Better understand your users
    • Each component has the ability to aggregate on-chain data
    • Reach out to (at)scruffychuck for a PartnerID
  • Revenue at your discretion
    • Swaps and BridgeSwaps have optional fee-switches you can turn on and off
    • Reach out to (at)scruffychuck for a PartnerID
  • Benefit from our active development:
    • ever-improving widgets
    • automatic-access to new features
      • always open-source
    • growing network of partners
      • grow as the industry does

Examples of what you can build with a few lines of code:

  • For tokenized protocols:
    • Add a swap widget to your dApp, with specific tokens auto-selected and custom branding
  • For dApps with only one or two wallets integrated:
  • For protocols with cross-chain liquidity:
    • Make cross-chain liquidity available from your dApp using BridgeSwap
  • For liquid staking protocols