🌈Sunshine & Rainbows (SAR)


A smart-contract engineer is required to fork SAR contracts and seed the staking pool.

We are actively developing a helper-widget to automate this process.



Sunshine & Rainbows (β˜€οΈ, 🌈) is a novel staking algorithm that rewards loyal users.

The longer a staking position has been open, the greater the APR % becomes, disincentivizing constant claiming and selling of emissions.

Sunshine & Rainbows can be used for Farms pools and Single Sided Staking pools, but only SSS pools involve the issuance of an NFT:


  • Farms do not use NFTs to preserve the % APR.

  • To decrease sell-pressure, claiming rewards resets APR to 0%.

  • The longer farmers provide LP, the greater their APR.

Single Sided Staking

  • When a SSS position is opened, a unique NFT is created with a corresponding APR.

  • To decrease sell-pressure, stakers are incentivized to compound rewards and penalized when they don't.

  • The longer the SSS is open, the greater the % APR.

  • NFTs, with their corresponding APR% and rewards, can be sold on secondary markets without price impact on the underlying tokens.

  • Note: multiple SSS, each with NFTs, can be created in a single wallet.

Selling SAR NFTs

  • In the current version of SSS staking with SAR, the NFT should only be sold using a "Buy Now" option. If the seller claims their rewards before the NFT has been delivered, the NFT is burned and the buyer receives nothing.

SAR Smart Contracts

SAR smart contracts




Honeycomb components are available as a code-snippets in Storybook:

SARManageWidget on Storybook


SARManageWidget on Github

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