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Let users swap tokens without leaving your website.
They won't need to open a DEX, connect their wallet, search for your token, swap, then navigate back. Instead they have the preloaded swap immediately in front of them.
Specify the default tokens and customize the look to match your brand.

Supported Chains

Swaps are available for tokens on Avalanche and Songbird.


SwapWidget currently routes trades through Pangolin. Please consider contributing by integrating your favorite aggregator.
By default Pangolin has a 0.3% swap-fee, with 0.25% for LPs and 0.05% split between token buybacks and operations.

Revenue sharing (optional)

SwapWidget automatically charges 0% fees. You have the option to charge up-to 200bps (2%). By default there is a 50%/50% fee-split with the Honeycomb router. Options are available to take a larger share of revenues; please dm (at)scruffychuck.

Businesses currently using SwapWidget:


Customize colors and tokens.
Options to include "Settings" and Limit orders.


Honeycomb components are available as a code-snippets in Storybook:
Webpack App
SwapWidget code snippet on Storybook
The SwapWidget currently has several customizable variables: